One woman. A wireless internet connection. A laptop. Nine dollars and ninety-five cents billed to a mysterious “Los Gatos CA” on her Mastercard each month.

This all adds up to my committed enthusiasm to the miracle of Netflix Instant.  Since I don’t have cable and only have about 6 DVDs in my home collection, I often find myself perusing the genre categories looking to satiate diverse cinematic cravings, which of course depend on my mood, workday, hormones, identity of houseguests if present, among other significant factors. I can always find something to watch, and that is a beautiful thing.

But alas, perfection proves to be impossible. In the case of Instant ‘Flix the grand flaw lies in the limited selection in movies to watch instantly. Chances are if you have a movie in mind that you want to watch, it’s not going to have the blessed little blue “Play” button underneath– only the dreaded red “Add.”

The good news is there are lots of brilliant films on Netflix Instant. Lots. But it is a matter of digging them up, taking the chance on that low budget documentary about that scary haunted house made by evangelical Christians in Texas (it’s called Hell House- highly recommended!), and spending time on the hunt.

Therein lies the purpose of this blossoming blog. Watch a movie on Netflix Instant. Then write a review about it. If it’s good, we will know and then watch it. If it sucks, we will also know and then not waste those 40 minutes that it would have taken us to figure out that it sucks before we turn it off.

A few guidelines: Only write about movies that are on Netflix Instant (duh, that’s the point), NO SPOILERS and try to be clear about why you like/don’t like a film you’re writing about.

I hope you’ll join in the discussion!

Your sister in cinephilia,



2 responses to “About

  1. hey… should we leave reviews here? i have some. !

  2. oh yay! for now you can write your reviews as a comment to my “extra extra” post on the home page. thank you!

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