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the wild whites of west virginny

I’m putting up Josh’s review as a post so it can be viewed more widely. I think it’s pretty spot on. I just watched this movie, thanks to Josh’s suggestion (yay! my blog is achieving its purpose!) since I am using most devices in my path to put off studying for the blasted GRE, which I’m taking on Tuesday. Anyway, here’s what Josh said:

I just watched a documentary called The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virgina last night. It was really fantastic. The crew spent a year with this crazy family, the Whites, in Boone county, WV. They’re drug addicts, violent, scheming, smart, loving. The film does a really good job of balancing voyeuristic spectacle and lionizing the family as folk heroes. You see their quality as well as their flaws. It also does a pretty decent job of addressing the social constructs that play into creating four generations of criminal, drug-addicted crazies.